Nick Offerman And Michelle Obama Team Up To Teach Us The History Of Exercise

From hosting a “field day” inside the White House with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, to dancing up a storm with daytime talk show personality Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama is no stranger to health and fitness. The outgoing first lady has consistently made healthy eating and regular exercise a staple of her time in Washington, D.C., and despite her forthcoming departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, her latest effort to promote these lifestyle choices shows no signs of her stopping. Especially since Nick Offerman is involved.

That’s right, folks. None other than Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson is here to help Michelle promote the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition’s 60th anniversary and the associated #0to60 campaign. How, you ask? Simple — star in Funny or Die’s “History of Exercise” video, which features Offerman running through the major fitness trends of the past 75 years in a whopping two minutes’ time.

Highlights include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Comedian and actress Megan Mullally, who happens to be Offerman’s wife, using muscle shockers to firm up her husband’s abs.
  • Offerman gettin’ “Physical” in pink spandex.
  • The “shake weight,” otherwise known as the greatest health contraption ever devised in the last century.

Of course, anyone familiar with Swanson’s sick dance moves on Parks and Rec should already know just how much Offerman cares about fitness.

(Via Funny or Die)