A Carpenter Created A Replica Of Noah’s Ark To Sail Across The Atlantic This Summer

A carpenter in Holland spent years building a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. But that’s not the crazy part. He plans to actually sail the massive ship across the Atlantic Ocean this summer. Johan Huibers is planning to travel on board the ship from the Netherlands to Brazil, a distance of over 5,000 miles.

Rather than being full of animals, Huiber’s ark is full of interactive biblical displays that tourists can experience in whatever port he pulls into. Huibers, along with the organization Ark Of Noah Foundation, are hoping to raise money via the trip to open Ark of Hope education centers for underprivileged children in Brazil.

The ship weighs in at a hefty 2,500 tons. It’s 95 feet wide, 75.5 feet high and more than 400 feet long. It can fit 5,000 people at any given time. Huibers said he was pushed to build the ark after having a nightmare that his entire home province in Holland had flooded. Huibers plans to move the ship around the ocean via barge and live-stream the entire trip to people who are curious about an Atlantic Ocean crossing. Following the stops in Brazil, Huibers hopes to take the ship throughout Latin and North America, with U.S. stops coming to San Diego, Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle.

(Via The Blaze)