Hangover-Free Booze And Miracle Cures Are Just Some Of North Korea’s Most Impressive Claims

Um, not sure if you’ve noticed this, but North Korea is totally kicking America’s tush in the scientific breakthrough game. While we’re busy enjoying our “snow coffee” diet, these guys are busy sorting out innovations like hangover-free liquor and ready-to-go cures for the planet’s most fearsome diseases. Impressive stuff! In fact, these developments would probably be even more impressive if we could believe they’re real.

North Korea’s rarely been shy about boasting about its impressive exploits. Likewise, the international community has been equally unguarded in letting out a collective “pffffffttttt” noise because North Korea’s claims are rarely seen as legit. After all, this is a country ruled by Kim Jong-un, a man that has famously never had a bowel movement in his life.

Important: We are not truthers on that last point. Please do not send us anything that confirms Kim Jong-un’s need to use the toilet.

Anyway, in a bid to get you up to speed on all of North Korea’s intriguing claims, we at UPROXX have put together an easy-to-follow, 96-second video guide with all the key points included. In addition to North Korea’s chest-puffing over scientific breakthroughs, you’ll also get some insight into what the country’s media has to say about America’s way of doing things. It’s definitely worth a watch.