Man Nails How We All Feel About Good Burgers In A Note To A Restaurant Owner

04.28.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Sometimes you love something or someone so much that it makes you angry. You’re fuming because every time you try to work, create or live, that one thing is on your mind. It obstructs any rational thoughts you may have. And maybe that’s not always a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s a person like the girl or guy you had a crush on in high school. At the time, everything they did was perfect and it’s obnoxious/embarrassing as all hell that you wasted as much time as you did thinking about them. F*ck, they had you hooked, borderline addicted, without even knowing it. Other times, though, in our more mature years, you fall hopelessly in love with someone’s writing or creativity. Not them, per se, but their work. You can’t begin to understand how they do what they do and you can’t stop appreciating it over and over, shamelessly re-reading passages ad nauseam. Sometimes, that love is a combination of both those feelings and it’s a made-to-order burger with a few strips of bacon and some chipotle mayo.

As was the case when Andy left a note for the owners of Burger Antics in Brookfield, Illinois. “I love you, f*ck you.” Might be the most romantic thing ever committed to a slip of paper in a burger joint. This drawing by intrusivlydrawingyourposts on Imgur perfectly sums up how Andy probably felt when writing the note:

By that, I mean how most of us feel when we’re in love.

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