All Of Our Dreams Have Come True, A Nutella Cafe Is Opening In Chicago

05.18.17 9 months ago


The first time I tried Nutella was just after I graduated college. I was working as a waitress in a Chicago crepe restaurant in Andersonville. The place was a nightmare. The owner was a sexist monster, and we worked all the time without pay. It wasn’t a good experience by any means, but man, even with all the negativity surrounding my time there, when I look back I just think, “gosh, those were some goooood crepes.”

I used to rationalize the fact that I wasn’t getting paid by eating literal gallons of Nutella from that place during my shifts. I ate the creamy, chocolate spread in crepes, on fruit, on toast. Often just by the spoonful. Nutella is one of the top foods ever invented, and I just don’t think that’s something that can be argued over.

That terrible Chicago restaurant (which I’m very satisfied to say closed down eventually) started my love of Nutella. So it seems fitting (to only me and me alone) that the first ever Nutella Cafe would open in my favorite city. It’s coming at the end of May, and guys, it looks LIFE CHANGING.


I apologize for not tagging this article as NSFW. This picture is just too sexy.

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