The One Food To Eat For The Rest Of Your Life, According To The Masses

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We believe the boys of Oliver! said it best when they sang, “Food glorious food. Eat right through the menu, just loosen your belt, two inches and then you — work up a new appetite in this interlude then food once again, food fabulous food, glorious food.” Or something like that… There’s nothing quite like filling up on a feast of your favorites until you’re swollen beyond the confines of your pants. But before you slip too far into a snack inspired daydream, we would like to pose the following classic question: If you could only eat one food, for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

After tabulating a whopping 25,000 votes, Ranker created a list of all the foods we have chosen to go to the grave with. Perusing this list will be similar to going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. You’ll want food immediately and you will want WAY too much of it. We’ll also add this disclaimer: There are no fruits or vegetables on this list, so if you’re looking for anything remotely nutritional, you’ve come to the wrong place. Unless you count fat as nutritional. In which case, consider this the picture of health.

10. Macaroni & Cheese

Cheesy, gooey, and warm. What could go wrong?

9. Chinese Food

This is so vague and has the potential to encompass so many different foods and thousands of years of culinary tradition, so… Overall, an excellent choice.

8. Grilled Cheese

Cheesy, gooey, and warm, plus bread. Suck it Mac & Cheese.

7. French Fries

Not a big fan of this ranking. Fries can be replaced by significantly better things and they’re kind of just, bleh, on their own.

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6. Fried Chicken

Here we go — a salty, fatty, protein. Season your fried chicken right and we’re in business.

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5. Bacon

Too much salt, too much fat, not enough protein. Bacon would be good for about two days then you’d die of thirst.

4. Spaghetti

Depends on the spaghetti. If it just noodles and sauce, this is an awful ranking. Add a meatball and you may be onto something. What’s the cheese situation?

3. Ice Cream

Well, duh. Top three ain’t bad. Maybe it’s our strong sweet tooths? or is it teeth? but we’d take ice cream over pretty much anything.

2. Steak

This is a conundrum because of all things, steak feels like it would kill you the fastest. However if it’s good steak, cooked just right, it might be worthwhile. Sauce of any sort?

1. Pizza

The obvious front runner. Honestly though, this is the right answer. You can put almost anything on a pizza including nutella so it covers every base.