Does Oprah Use The Stuff On Her ‘Amazon Favorite Things’ List? Two Writers Investigate

and 12.17.15 3 years ago


Every Christmas, Oprah releases her list of “favorite things” — a wild and wooly assortment of gadgets, clothing, and artisanal food items that, historically, turn her fans all frothy-mouthed and consumption-crazed.

FACT: Everyone just wants to get a little bit closer to the things that are close to Oprah.

As we gazed upon the broadly attainable items on this year’s list, we wondered how often Oprah actually uses these favorite things of hers. After all, while she is doubtlessly a woman of the people, the head of Harpo is also #blessed with an insane fortune and an unlimited amount of purchasing power. Being that we didn’t have the ability to ask the woman herself, we turned to writers Mark Shrayber and Jason Tabrys and let them debate over how often Oprah makes her own pasta or rocks a message-emblazoned night shirt.

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