Watching These Orcas In The Wild On Webcam Will Make You Feel Things

As the weather starts to cool oh so slowly, you may be drawn more and more to the outdoors. The prospect of enjoying the sunshine without immediately drenched in sweat is an appealing one, and everyone is ready to get their autumn on. However, you still have to work, and that probably keeps you cooped up inside for a majority of the day. If you’re lucky, you may have a window to gaze longingly out of while you file those monthly reports, but chances are that will make your inside status even more painful.

However, is here for you. The nature site has a wide array of live streaming webcams catching nature at its very finest. While there are a number of winners to choose from, the orca live stream included above has some of the best footage. If you catch it during a quiet time, fear not, Mashable managed to grab some truly awesome orca content.

These particular cameras are located at Hanson Island in British Columbia, Canada, and until October, the whales will be all over that area hunting the local salmon. As the salmon population moves on in the coming months, the orcas will peace out as well, so be sure to get your whale-watching in sooner rather than later.

(Via Mashable)

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