Oreo Created Avocado And Bacon Flavors In Their Mad Hunt For Innovative Tastes

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Oreo continues to push this next level cookie sh*t forward, dude. Instead of resting on their twist-n-eat laurels, the iconic snack isn’t afraid to get a little freaky with a jelly donut or Swedish Fish take on the cookie. It looks like new flavors won’t be in short supply, but whether or not you’d want to scarf down a sleeve of ’em is no guarantee.

The #MyOreoCreation contest has coaxed a number of bold flavor gambits from the public with a $500,000 prize as bonus enticement for anyone that needs something other than snack shelf glory from the experience. (You should want to get paid for your Oreo vision, of course.) Some of the ideas floated out for creation have actually been created as “prototypes” that have been mailed to the minds that sent them. That could result in eating your own lovely Nabisco memento, but no judgement. I’d eat my dream cookie. I’m not made of stone.

Grub Street reports that a number of experimental flavors have already been trotted out. Oreo confirmed that Avocado, Bacon, Coffee and Glazed Donut prototypes have been made, along with some less risky suggestions. A noticeable portion of the innovative Oreos have popped up online with their Thank You packaging. Not every flavor will be to every taste, although at this point there must be at least one Oreo for everyone.

(Via Grub Street)