Be Proud Of Your Palates — Everyone Got Oreo’s Mystery Flavor Right

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There are just some flavors you don’t forget, and the flavors of your childhood are the ones that linger in the taste buds the longest. Oreo’s, being one of those flavors, introduced a new “Mystery Flavor” recently where consumers would be able to guess what the creme filling tasted like. As it turns out, the brand new Oreo’s “Mystery Flavor” was not so mysterious after all, because it took people only a few seconds to realize it was another childhood memory sandwiched in between two others – Fruity Pebbles cereal.

This story would not be such a huge deal if someone had not won $50,000 for “discovering” what the flavor was. The cookie brand was running a contest to see who, if anyone, could accurately solve the mystery and contact them first. As it turns out, just about everyone solved the “cookie conundrum” pretty quickly.

The only confusion among most was whether the flavor was Fruity Pebbles or Froot Loops, but either Kellogg’s creation was pretty close. You cannot ever have tasted either cereal without forever having that taste (and the ensuing raw mouth that follows eating too much of the cereal) engrained in your palate forever. While calling the flavor a “mystery” may not have been appropriate, considering how easy it was to guess, at least with this flavor, maybe you won’t feel as guilty for having Oreos for breakfast.