Is Oreo Going The McDonald’s Route With Its Newest Flavor?

Entertainment Editor
02.03.16 7 Comments

Shutterstock / Nabisco

It’s an interesting time in the cookie business. An interesting, mysterious time. A Wonder Vault has opened in New York, seemingly introducing passersby to a portal of flavors that they’ve never experienced before. The new Oreo flavor, Filled Cupcake, debuts on Feb. 8 — that’s when everything changes. Kind of. Well, maybe not really.

Yes, Filled Cupcake Oreos, hot on the heels of the Cinnamon Bun, S’mores and Cotton Candy limited edition runs of late 2015. Now the question has to be asked: When is a new Oreo flavor debuting almost every month too much? Are they trying too hard to go viral? Or can we be honest with ourselves and say there will never be enough varieties of sweet creme in the middle of two cookies?

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