Celebrities Are Just Like Us! (Except That They Consumed 30 Pounds Of Edible Gold Dust At The Oscars!)

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02.29.16 4 Comments

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What did you have for dinner last night? A grilled cheese sandwich, perhaps? Maybe some cauliflower on the side to make you feel just a little bit healthy? Congratulations! You’re now just like everyone who attended the Governors Ball Oscars after-party last night, where the celebrities also enjoyed “comfort foods” meant to nourish the soul. Except their sandwiches were made by Wolfgang Puck. And the cauliflower was dipped in edible gold (I’m assuming, because that’s the only way you’d ever get me to eat it) to make it shine like the golden statuettes that DiCaprio and company won last night.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the cauliflower being dipped in edible powdered gold, but something sure was because according to a report by The CBC, the event called for thirty pounds of the stuff to be used in the making of the food. And before we get to the rest of the shopping list (which is pretty impressive), let’s just do some quick math on exactly how much all of that powder cost.

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