The Pastor Leading The Starbucks Red Cup Charge Got Put In The Corner On CNN

Self-proclaimed Facebook personality and “Christ follower” Josh Feuerstein, who became a champion of the Christian people after his Starbucks “Merry Christmas” stunt protesting the coffee chain’s minimalist holiday cup design went viral, is now finding himself with a much more appropriate label: Laughingstock. Feuerstein appeared on CNN’s Newsroom on Monday, facing off against talk radio personality Pete Dominick.

Feuerstein first makes his case, claiming that the cups are indicative of a society that’s “trying to remove Christmas from Christmas,” and that the “silent majority of the 73 percent of Christians in America are sick and tired of being bullied to be quiet about their beliefs.” Meanwhile, Dominick takes all this in like Beavis and Butt-head sitting through sex ed class, and when it was finally his turn to speak, boy does he ever lay into Feuerstein.

Dominick first brings up some maybe less than up and up endeavors Feuerstein boasts on his resume, before moving on to the very reasonable question: Why not, instead of projecting outrage over something as silly as a paper cup, go into Starbucks and buy a food item for a homeless person, and then wish them Merry Christmas while giving it to them?

Unfortunately, Feuerstein claimed that his earpiece wasn’t working, which conveniently absolved him from answering the question, but made his fitting final point that if we don’t live in a Christian society, than why did Obama have to pretend to be one to get elected president?

Shortly after, Feuerstein took to Facebook to say that his audio was cut when he brought up Obama, and to post a video about how “America loves its abortion coffee,” in which case I’m not sure why Christians want to patronize Starbucks in the first place. Unfortunately, despite the ridiculousness of Feuerstein’s stance, I doubt this will be the last we’ve heard from him.

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