You Don’t Have To Like Peeps To Be Impressed By These Insane Sculptures

It’s almost Easter, which means Jesus is on his way back from the dead, the eggs in your fridge are plotting where to hide, and Peeps are everywhere! In fact, there are 255 Peeps in this dude’s belly right now plus a ton of Peeps still sitting on shelves because Peeps actually suck and deserve their abysmal, last place slot on this official Easter candy ranking list. (Shoutout to #1, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.)

Though disgusting, Peeps are a staple of Easter and people are coming up with wildly creative ideas to maintain the facade that we, the people of Earth, actually want Peeps to exist. One such creative endeavor sweeping across Westminster, Maryland is the annual Carroll County PEEPshow! VavaVoom! Believed to be the oldest annual Peeps Art exhibit ever, the Carroll Arts Center’s PEEPshow features 200 unique Peeps creations that display all of the artistic possibilities a collection of colorful marshmallow bunnies have to offer. Previous works have even gone on to be displayed in museums and at the official Peeps & Company store.

The event is a fundraiser for the Carroll County Arts Council. Anyone can vote online for their favorite art peeps, however each vote costs $1. Currently leading the competition is “Surfing Pikachu” with 270 votes! However, they somehow missed the “Peepachu” dad joke, which is disheartening.

Let’s take a peek at the other current leaders!

In second place…
Currently in third place, this take on a Victoria’s Secret fashion show…
Peep guitar…
With 111 votes, Mr. Peep-tato Head!

This one is SO GOOD!!!! Edgar Allan Peep!
GOT fans, take notes! “Mother of (Peep) Dragons”
From your local dentists…

Someone tell Emma Watson this Belle made out of Peeps is better than that doll Disney botched.
And currently at #10, BOOM a very impressive Gumby!
The fundraiser hopes to raise $10,000. So far they’ve raised $2,152 but there are still six days left in the competition and new entries are rolling in by the Peepful!