Watch ‘People Are Awesome’ 2016 And Get Inspired For A Life Of Adventure

Despite a pretty clear feeling that 2016 was the worst year in recent memory, there are still plenty of bright spots to look back on. Take the year-end compilation from People Are Awesome and the incredible feats that people captured on video this year, from physical showcases to skillful displays and a little bit of everything else tossed in for good measure.

Some of the sights in this video are well-worn territory, like skateboarding and surfing demonstrations, but then you’ll be hit by some precision whip cracking or a female archer firing at balloons with her feet. People fly through the air with ease, swoop in between skyscrapers in wing suits, and twist every which way possible before landing on their feet. Even better is knowing that there are likely hundreds of times where they failed and fell flat on their face but still got up to try it again.

Now yes, there are some things that are little more impressive than others in this video. Sliding across beach balls into the mouth of an inflatable shark is a little less impressive than someone going full bore on horseback while taking down targets with a bow and arrow. It’s like Zelda brought to life and impressive as hell in a video that is not short on the impressive to begin with.

So now it’s time to put 2016 to bed and get ready for 2017.

(Via People Are Awesome)