Everyone’s Searching For A Trip To The U.K. After Brexit

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The winning Brexit “Leave” vote from last Friday has already had global consequences, with Game of Thrones production in jeopardy and the British pound taking a nosedive in value. But now that spending money in the U.K. won’t be as expensive, people outside of the country are looking into making a trip across the pond in droves.

According to the Daily Mail, travel sites that serve American and Chinese customers have seen a surge of interest in trips to the U.K. Kayak, a popular site for cheap airline tickets, saw a 54 percent increase in U.S. searches for flights to the U.K. Travelzoo and Student Universe also saw substantial increases in search interest in the days after the Brexit vote.

China’s largest travel company,, is even capitalizing on Brexit in a sort of hilarious and politically incorrect way. As the Daily Mail describes it:

The company put out flyers with a dancing, winking figure in a Union Jack t-shirt, under the slogan, in Chinese, ‘Brexit: travel on the drop’, in reference to the weaker pound. In the background, a weeping figure in a European Union flag waves ‘bye’.

Get ready for an influx of tourists, Great Britain!

(via Daily Mail)