People Are Slapping ‘No Californians’ Stickers On Portland’s ‘For Sale’ Signs

Locals from Portland, Ore., are up in arms about out-of-staters buying houses and making real estate prices go up. In addition, these out-of-staters are mostly (allegedly) Californians. That’s why someone is sticking “No Californians” stickers on real estate signs. Specifically, stickers with the state of California covered by a red circle and slash, much like a “No Smoking” sign.

According to The Oregonian, Portland-based real estate agents started finding out about this when one of them, Lori Fenwick, was approached by her buyer, and sent a picture of a sticker on her sign. She then went to Facebook with the evidence, where other agents came out of the woodwork to say that they had also been targeted. Fenwick herself had a sticker covering her sign that said, “NO HOUSING BUBBLE” in big capital letters.

The real estate agents who have been on the receiving end of these protests acknowledge that many people from out-of-state are buying houses, and many of them do come from California. “There’s the lowest inventory we’ve had in over 10 years, and people are frustrated,” agent Quinn Irvine said. “They’re basically blaming Californians for raising their real estate prices.”

Fenwick also expressed frustration that people were defacing signs that she has to pay for. And it’s probably obvious that these stickers are only punishing the real estate agents, rather than stopping any out-of-state migration to Portland.

(Via Oregon Live)