Pepsi’s Hipster Cola Has Officially Hit Shelves And Reactions Are Mixed

You’d think that a massive soda corporation wouldn’t bother trying to appeal to food-conscious hipsters, but you’d be wrong. That’s exactly what Pepsi has done with its new soft drink, Pepsi 1893.

The “artisanal cola” is an effort to reach out to craft and small-batch-loving drinkers, people who go to places staffed by “mixologists” and they rep that hard in their first ad. The ad shows a “soda sommelier” surrounded by barrels as he walks a group of drinkers through the proper way to enjoy the drink. It’s meant as a joke, but Pepsi is talking out of both sides of their mouth with this one. You can’t poke fun and then earnestly tout your drink’s kola nut extract, “real sugar” and “aromatic bitters.”

Reaction on the new brand seems to be split. Some enjoy the fact that Pepsi is trying new things while others think 1893 simply doesn’t taste good.

And, as always, there were mad jokes:

Of course, there have been craft sodas for a while now. Jones Soda and Swamp Pop have been around and, as a die-hard fan on this particular cola, I guess I have no room to judge. Still, a presence as large as Pepsi throwing in behind craft cola is bound to get people talking.

(Via Ad Age)