This Pop-Up Bar Let Dogs Serve Humans Beer And We Have The Photos To Prove It

Cat cafes are definitely a thing nowadays. So it was inevitable that dog cafes would soon follow. But who saw this coming? A pop-up bar where dogs would serve you beer. Whether you can believe it or not though, it happened.

According to the Irish Examiner, at the Kronenbourg 1664 pop-up bar on May 6, the dog-waiters wore small Kronenbourg-labeled barrels that somebody can fit a bottle into. The humans being served presumably take the bottle from the barrel, after the dog hopefully found people’s tables without getting distracted by a squirrel, or his own tail.

The pop-up bar was called Bar D’Alsace-tian, and was in London’s Soho neighborhood. Here are some photos of the mayhem:

That happiness is contagious. Here are some more seriously looking dogs posing with their beer holders:

How do we know that this dog isn’t totally stressed out by this human holding him for this photo?

The one-time only event was an advertisement for an advertisement, essentially. The event promoted a Kronenbourg ad campaign where Alsatian dogs deliver beer to the denizens of the Alsace region of France. Here’s what the brand director had to say:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be opening the doors on the world’s first bar staffed by dogs. It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the ‘Alsace-tians’ to Kronenbourg fans.

“With Bar D’Alsace-tian, we will have man’s best friend delivering one of man’s greatest achievements: the Taste Suprême of Kronenbourg 1664.”

Looks like humans and dogs alike had fun.

(via Irish Examiner)