These Photos From Sunset Campout Have Us Wishing For An Endless Summer

08.05.19 3 weeks ago

Aaron Glassman/Uproxx

Sunset Campout has just celebrated their 10th anniversary of partying it up in the Bay Area of Northern California, with a huge bash at the Beldon Town Resort, located deep in the Plumas National Forest. Organized by Galen Abbott of Sunset Sound System — a collective known amongst locals for a history of throwing and curating some of the best raves and parties in the region — Sunset Campout is quickly becoming one of the best boutique festivals in the entire country and certainly, the best held in Northern California’s majestic redwoods.

When you think of a rave, you’re probably thinking about being holed up in a dusty warehouse in the middle of nowhere, but Sunset Campout flips that notion on its head, favoring the great outdoors as its venue of choice and using that setting as a way to enhance the experience beyond your typical rave or party. We love this approach. One of the worst things about a big party is emerging out of a warehouse in the desert to blinding sunshine and heat — it can create a huge psychological toll on anyone who just spent hours dancing, drinking, and doing who knows what the hell else.

Held in the Beldon Town Resort from July 26th through the 29th, attendees of Sunset Campout got to experience a weekend full of art, music, camping, and swimming — soundtracked by the talents of internationally renowned electronic artists like Octo-Octa, Jennifer Cardini, Lena Wilikens, and Greg Janson, and Galen himself.

Are we jealous of anyone who went and celebrated the last month of summer in style, outdoors, in the shade of centuries-old trees? Oh, most definitely.

Aaron Glassman

Aaron Glassman

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