All The Best Food Deals For Pi Day


Today is National Pi Day. Which is technically not a National Food Day at all, but a celebration of mathematics that references the constant Pi, often represented by the Greek letter π. π represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. For non-math heads, that means its an infinite, non-repeating decimal — though it’s abbreviated to simply 3.14 in numerical form.

Now take a look at the calendar. That’s why we celebrate Pi day today.

Since math is a drag and getting hyped about it is probably on the bottom of your list of things to do, allow food to make the fake holiday fun. In a play on the pie/pi homophone, 3/14 is loaded with pizza deals — even more than National Pizza Day. This works out well because pizza is the one mathematical constant in our lives.

Here are all the best Pi Day food deals to get you fed and thinking about math.

7-Eleven – When you join 7-Eleven’s reward’s program — 7NOW — you’ll be able to order a whole pizza for $3.14. They also apparently deliver, which is wild! Did anyone know this? There’s a charge sure, but the idea of 7-Eleven delivering is just so bizarre, might as well ad a Slurpee to your order!

Bertuccis – At this eastern US pizza chain, receive a free large cheese or Bertucci pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of any large pizza when you use the code “PIDAY.”

Blaze Pizza – This app only deal will get you a Blaze pizza, which comes in only one size for just $3.14. Guaranteed at all locations all day!

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – Dine-in guests will be able to score a mini-one topping pizza for $3.14 on March 14th only.

Bojangles – One of the few non-pizza deals on the list, Bojangles — which is a Chicken and biscuits joint — is offering three snack Sweet Potato Pies for $3.14. No coupon necessary!

California Tortilla – This is a weird one. St. Patricks Day is on the 17th, and yet California Tortilla chose Pi Day to celebrate, offering a free order of chips and queso when you say “Pot o’ Gold” while ordering in-store. Does this count as a Pi Day special? We don’t know… but hey, free chips and queso!

Cici’s Pizza – With the purchase of an adult buffet and a large drink, treat a friend to another adult buffet for only $3.14 with this coupon.

Davanni’s – Receive $3.14 off of a large pizza when you order online and use the promo code “PiDay19.” Not the BEST deal, but it’s something.

Fresh Brothers – This SoCal pizza chain is offering unlimited toppings on a personal pizza for only $3.14 when you use the code “PIDAY.” You can place your order for dine-in or delivery as long as you’re using the Fresh Brothers for delivery and not via a third party app.

Hungry Howie’s – The purchase of any bread at regular price will get you a medium one-topping pizza for $3.14 for pickup only. To redeem the deal use the code “19PI.”

Pie Five – Get a non-modified 11-inch signature pizza for just $3.14.

Pieology – With the purchase of a thin-crust pizza, receive another for just $3.14. Stack those babies and strap in for a wild pizza ride.

Rotolo’s Pizza – Rotolo’s eight-inch pizzas are only $3.14 for Pi Day for dine-in guests only. Any Rotolo’s found on the Gulf Coast will not be participating.

Sauce Pizza & Wine – For dine-in guests only — receive a cheese pizza for $3.14 at any Texas Sauce location.

Villa Italian Kitchen – Grab a full-size Neapolitan Cheese pizza for $3.14 at any Villa Italian Kitchen locations with this coupon.

White Castle – Another non-pizza deal! White Castle is offering a breakfast slider combo for $3.14 when you join the chain’s email list.

Your Pie – Your Pie, which is the best name for a customizable pizza joint, is offering to let you build your own pizzas for just $3.14. Get it!