This Restaurant Has A Creative Response To The Starbucks Holiday Controversy

In response to the controversy that will never die, Michael’s Italian Feast, a small Illinois pizza chain, decided that enough was enough and offered a wide array of holiday stickers for their to-go cups, allowing patrons to pick their own greeting, claiming that they want to wish their visitors happiness.  This takes all the guesswork out of the apparently too aggressive “Happy Holidays.”

The stickers first showed up on Reddit, where users were “outraged” at the lack of representation for Festivus and the Holiday Armadillo. Personally, I find that the omission of Chrismukkah to be the most egregious, but the Happy Days option almost makes up for it. This seems like a fun and ideal way to make sure that most people are included in a non-controversial way, because let’s face it, exaggerated outrage shouldn’t be the focus of the holiday season. Obviously it’s presents and eating cookies.

While crackpots like Facebook personality Joshua Feuerstein and Donald Trump want to keep this culture war raging, can we just let this one die? There are literally thousands of other things better worth your outrage.

(Via The Daily Dot, Reddit)