This Guy’s Photos Of The Evils That Lurk Below Are Freaking Terrifying


You know what’s terrifying? The ocean. Not just because it’s deep and there are currents and all that would love to wash you away any moment. No, those things are scary to think about but are generally manageable fears. What’s truly scary about the ocean — and any large body of water, actually; looking at you humongous pool in Chile — is all the things that live underneath its surface. And even more terrifying? Those creatures that are rare, or unnamed, or a frilled shark (truly the most terrifying denizen of the deep). And there goes that first chill down your spine.

One man not scared of all the black doings that occur below the placid surface of the water is Roman Fedortsov, a Russian deep-sea fisherman who’s been happily reminding the world that unspeakable horrors we haven’t even thought of exist. Giant spiders, things with human teeth, even a fish with human nostrils (somehow scarier than teeth, to be honest), they’re all here. A fish with a giant, gaping, blood-red eye? That’s here, too.

If you get queasy easily (or even moderately easily) be warned: These pictures are graphic while still being completely safe for work. And one more thing: The Moscow Times reports that Fedortsov regularly handles these monsters with his own bare hands. How many of us would be brave enough to do that? Without gloves.

(H/T: Gizmodo)