This Pilot Is Giving Us All Winter Travel-Envy With Her Yoga Photos In Exotic Locales

If there’s one thing most of us want more of, it’s the ability to travel all over the world while doing things we enjoy (hopefully with our friends and loved ones). But while few of us get to achieve those dreams — because most workplaces frown upon you just taking off to do yoga on a tree branch somewhere — we can all take inspiration from Malin Rydqvist, a 29-year-old Swedish pilot who’s turned her chosen career into a worldwide adventure.

Sure, flying around the world is exciting in and of itself, but Rydqvist is taking it even further. Instead of just chilling in hotel rooms while she waits for her next flight, the Croatia-based pilot takes to the great outdoors to model yoga poses in unlikely locations — including rocks, jetties, and even primitive structures on long-abandoned beaches.

According to The Daily Mail, Rydvquist fell in love with yoga nearly a decade ago, after she injured herself while snowboarding. But where a traumatic injury might have stopped others, it spurred the pilot to get more in touch with herself:

‘I tried everything and the only thing that really worked for me was yoga,’ she said.

‘It helps me to understand myself better and also to be a better person towards others,’ Malin said, adding that yoga has become ‘a lifestyle’.

‘To be grateful for every day and to be strong no matter what.

‘And it gets addictive.’

If these pictures prove anything, it’s that this is an addiction that may be just too healthy to quit.