Watch This Aerobatics Pilot Perform An Inverted Flat Spin

When a commercial jet taxis down a runway, some passengers have to breathe deeply, their fingers clutching their arm rests, while others lean back and close their eyes, reveling in the sensations. How we respond to air travel varies. But, when a plane starts to roll through the air, causing the view to rotate like we are shoved in a clothes dryer, we all freak out. Not Spencer Suderman. This Arizona pilot has made a name for himself with the inverted flat spin, a maneuver almost every other person on Earth avoids. The limits that make the rest of us run from the very thought of spinning in a plane, haven’t stopped him. He spins and sets world spinning records and spins some more.

Rather than allow himself to be held back, Suderman has gone out of his way to analyze data and develop algorithms. It’s this doggedness that has helped him achieve a world record with 98 inverted spins in his Sunbird S1X biplane. But, despite the lack of challengers lining up, he isn’t prepared to stop yet. He is still driven to achieve, to be unbound by the things that limit the rest of us. In this 360-degree video, you can go into the sky with Suderman and look at a flat inverted spin from a variety of angles. Put the cursor on the screen and slide it to change the direction of the camera. Watch the horizon flip or study Suderman’s calm countenance. When you’re done, imagine watching it 98 times, only then you will truly know what a badass this pilot is and what an inspiration he is for all of us to chase our own goals.

Spencer Suderman is a professionally trained aerobatics pilot. Do not attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this video.

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