There Will Never Be A Job You Want More Than This ‘Pizza Taster’ Gig

10.19.17 5 months ago


I am in the wrong damn business.

This writing gig is cool, but clearly I should have explored more options. Because Bath Pizza Company in Bath, Somerset, England is looking for a Pizza Taster, and here I am with this silly journalism degree.

And you reading this: You might be a fireman, or an astrophysicist, or a movie star. But if you’d simply applied yourself you could have become a pizza taster. Which is way better.

Because pizza is the best.

The details of the gig are as follows:

  • Part time role, 2 hours per week on a weekday (day negotiable)

  • Salary: competitive with serious pizza perks

  • Must report to Bath Pizza Co., Bath, Somerset, England
  • Must be knowledgeable, i.e. know a Margherita from a Marinara

  • Must be an experienced pizza eater with a cultured palate

  • Must be a good communicator to feedback to our chefs

  • Must be passionate about all things pizza

That list looks like a biography of my life (except the England part), and I am sure a lot of other people’s lives, as well. Bath Pizza Company is not joking around. They are into making “fresh, local and bespoke” pizzas, and they want someone as serious about pizza as they are to help them test and introduce new menu items. For the perfect candidate, they are even will to pay for travel to their restaurant, be it by flight, train fare, or fuel.

Visit their site to apply for this dream job (if you can beat me to it).

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