How To Create The Perfect Valentine’s Day Plan When You’re In A New Relationship

When you begin dating someone, there’s a lot of pressure to create the “perfect Valentine’s Day experience.” When that pressure builds up, some people can go a little overboard and others can act aloof. But what you need to do is Baby Bear it: Rather than putting in too much or too little thought to Valentine’s Day, you can play it just right. It’s easy if you follow the advice laid out by relationship expert (and former Real World participant) Devyn Simone in the above video.

Simone met up with Uproxx’s Steve Vasquez to talk about creating a simple three-part plan (an activity, the right gift, and a dinner that invites collaboration) for the perfect date with that new special person in your life. And the foundation of her advice is that you have to get creative. But don’t be scared off by that. As Simone says, your date will like that you “have fun” and that you’re “open to trying new things and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.” Which, according to Simone, is “a really sexy quality.”

Lest you forget, “sexy” is a really good thing to be on Valentine’s Day, so why not follow these steps and show off that effortless but charming side of yourself?

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