‘Planet Earth 2’ Goes For Comedy Gold By Replacing Animal Sounds With Human Screams

Planet Earth 2 has already given us some pretty incredible stuff without crossing over to the United States. The iguana versus snakes chase is one of the greatest and tense nature scenes ever captured by a camera and one that has been certified beastly by Marshawn Lynch himself. You really shouldn’t expect any less from the folks behind the series and its many counterparts, but it is certainly lacking in the comedy from time to time.

Thankfully Matt Amys is here to handle that with a simple, but hilarious way to make Planet Earth 2 a little funnier. Instead of your typical animal sounds or hisses, we’re getting animals screaming like humans. Not in the same manner as those screaming goats, but more like a nice mix with some great timing. If you’re not laughing at the lynx in the snow, you have no comedy taste and you’re likely a big fan of gruel or white toast.

I also like the return of the snake chase, this time with audio. The problem I see connected to that, though, is similar to the complaints people had about The Empire Strikes Back special edition back in the late nineties. Would our iguana friend really be screaming like a wimp? Much like Luke not screaming after Vader cuts off his hand and reveals he’s the pappy, I don’t think the iguana would actually scream out. It’s damn funny, but undercuts the bravery of that iguana and his run to freedom.

(Via Matt Amys)