‘Pokemon GO’ Just Made Fans Very Happy By Removing This Pesky Glitch

07.31.16 3 years ago 12 Comments

One of the biggest draws of Pokemon GO (ok, really the only draw) is the ability to catch Pokemon out in the wild.

The augmented reality nature of the game means that plenty of people who would normally be stuck on the couch in their mom’s basement are now outdoors, experiencing fresh air and exchanging with real people. That’s both good and bad news. On the one hand: Vitamin D, exercise, human interaction. On the other hand the game has been blamed for Central Park mobs, car accidents and trespassing.

Still, most people are playing the game with the hope that those cute, cuddly little Japanese characters are somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, for many users, finding them has become a problem. The game’s infamous three-step-glitch has made it impossible to hunt down characters. For affected gamers, the bug causes every Pokemon to appear the maximum distance away, no matter where you are or how far you walk. Even when Pokemon on the “Nearby” tab change, they still appear three paw prints away. While users are able to continue hunting and catching the critters, it’s all basically by guess-work not tracking.

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