Your ‘Pokemon Go’ Obsession Can Help Dog Rescues Across The Country


I’ve only had Pokémon Go for a few days, but I can already tell that it’s changing my life. As someone with a highly-energetic pupper supplying me with anxiety when he can’t get outside, I have to go on walks. A lot of walks. A lot of walks that are long. So I’m out and about as it is, walking my dog, but now I’m interacting with my fellow trainers and laying waste to anyone in my path not part of the noble and strong Team Red while I walk my dog.

In great news for dog lovers who play Pokémon Go, the Wooftrax app Walk For a Dog will donate to an animal shelter of your choice, with the funds based on the length of your walk. With so many trainers out there with or without dogs, using this app could have a huge effect on your local shelter.

In the end, it does nothing but drain your battery a little bit while you’re out taking a walk, and if you’re on a mission to hatch an egg while you’re out on the hunt, it’s perfect to run alongside your ever-growing Pokédex. This is worth it, people. The dogs will always approve of your Pokémon playing, so let’s help them out.

(Via ATTN)