Would You Eat A Pokemon McFlurry That Looks Like Pikachu’s Swirled Corpse?

If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for anything Pokemon related AND neon-colored food that has no business going anywhere near the human stomach. So of course Japan and McDonald’s have teamed up to create my ultimate dessert that I will never get to eat because 2017 is literally the worst. So what is the delicious treat? A Pikachu McFlurry, served in the skull of said Pikachu.

Wait! Come back! It’s not as creepy as it sounds!

Noticed by Kotaku earlier today, the Pikachu McFlurry will be available for a limited time beginning July 14 in Japan to celebrate the upcoming Pokemon movie (which STILL doesn’t have a USA release date, because, again, 2017 is the literal worst). The dessert is a blend of chocolate and banana* swirled together in vanilla soft serve and then handed to you in one of six different Pikachu cups. My favorite is the Sad-Pikachu because it obviously knows you’re eating its brains. Which is not any worse than the normal fate of captive Pokemon, so just enjoy it.

*Based on these photos, I am highly suspect that these so-called “bananas” are a chemically-altered paste. Perhaps if I could taste one, hint hint travel editors.

Before the Pikachu McFlurry was announced, McDonald’s Japan ran a contest to see if fans could guess which Pokemon was getting its own flavor. Considering the other options included a hot pepper for Charmander and literally sparkling water for Squirtle, the contest was pretty obvious. Pikachu was the only Pokemon repping flavors human beings would want in their desserts. I mean, broccoli for Bulbasaur? Come on, McDonald’s. At least make it difficult to guess!

The real scoop (ha ha, get it? wait, soft serve doesn’t come in scoops…dammit) though is just how much a McFlurry costs in Japan. 290 yen or approximately $2.50 USD. Snack-sized ones in the USA will only run you $1.79+ tax!