Cops Pop The Question At London Pride Because Love Is Awesome

The cops were on the beat and proposing in the streets at today’s Pride in London parade. See? It’s not all Brexit doom and gloom out of Britain this week!

ITV News nabbed footage of a police officer proposing to his boyfriend during the event and it has all the heart melting properties you’d imagine it would. Did the would-be groom say yes? Of course he did. It’d be silly if we made a big fuss about this to tell you the lucky fiancé said no.

“It’s been planned for a while, but not like this,” shared the constable’s beau Jonathan Sammons. His reaction to the proposal? “Speechless! Amazing! Oh my God, I can’t believe he did it.”

That wasn’t the only proposal from a policeman at this year’s event. The Metropolitan LGBT Network showcased a lovely photo of another cop on bended knee. “He said yes too,” beamed the Twitter caption.

Photos of both proposals have racked up an impressive amount of likes and retweets which makes sense because why wouldn’t you like or retweet those images? The Metropolitan Police were fairly visible at this year’s event with over 100 officers taking part, although no word yet on if everyone in attendance is invited to both weddings.

(via Mashable)