PornHub Offers To Buy Vine In A Cheeky Letter To Twitter

Yesterday, Vine revealed that it was going to be shutting down in the coming months, a victim of parent company Twitter’s struggles to sell itself to somebody, anybody. But, unlike Twitter, Vine has an immediate, and completely serious suitor: PornHub.

In a letter the company shared with CNET, PornHub takes a few digs at Twitter’s layoffs, but then proposes to buy Vine, saying it would give Twitter some desperately needed cash and allow PornHub to save the many, many viral clips and goofy snippets that Vine is home to which may soon vanish into the ether. Six seconds, PornHub claims, is more than enough for most people to get turned on.

Believe it or not, as tongue-in-cheek as the request to “restore Vine to its NSFW” glory is, this wouldn’t make a bad fit. Thanks to sites like Tumblr, porn GIFs are becoming increasingly popular, to the point Tumblr users were worried their blogs would be shut down back when Yahoo! bought the site. Vines are basically GIFs with sound, so as a promotional tool, and as a way to address the porn industry’s struggle with piracy, this would serve a lot of purposes.

Of course, Twitter has to want to sell to PornHub first, so we’ll see just how this particular bid goes.

(via The Next Web)