These Pre-Sliced Avocados Are Pushing Us Closer To ‘Idiocracy’

Back in February, we broke down a whole list of reasons we’re basically living in the world of Idiocracy. President Camacho, anyone? Ads on top of ads?

Get ready to add one more reason to your list: pre-sliced avocados.

Because, y’all? Avocados are difficult. You never know when you’re going to get one that’s totally rotten inside, and they have those pits that you either have to dig out with your thumb or risk slicing your hand open using the old knife-in-the-pit trick.

Which must be why pre-sliced avocados are being sold, for real, by the U.K.’s Marks and Spencer supermarket chain.

“Customers love an avocado—but they’re sometimes not the easiest to prepare,” M&S Product Developer Erica Molyneaux said in a statement. “So we’ve done the messy bit for them and created a ready sliced, fully ripened option, perfect for adding to sandwiches, salads or as a simple healthy snack.”

The avocado slices are being sold in 80-gram plastic tubs for £1.50 ($2.16) each. Meaning that customers are easily paying double or triple what they would if they just bought the damn avocado from the produce section.

Is it Idiocracy? We’re not going to make any solid statements, but…it sure does look like it—especially when combined with the controversy that erupted last month after Whole Foods started selling pre-peeled mandarin oranges. Soon enough we’re going to be drinking all our meals out of bottles. Oh wait

(H/T: Mashable)