Qantas Is Holding A Flash Sale That Will Get You To Australia For $715


It’s time to stop putting off that trip to Australia you keep promising yourself. Qantas Airlines is having a major flash sale. From today until April 29th, Qantas roundtrip economy fares to Australia start at $715 from Los Angeles, $759 from San Francisco and $949 from New York, with flights roundtrip from Canada starting at $1,099.

Travel dates for the offer will see you flying out during the months of August, September, November, December, or February if you’re flying from the US and May, August, September November, December or February if you’re flying from Canada.


Right about now you’re doing that thing that you do, you know, where you start to question if you really want to spend 15-hours on a flight to Australia in economy seating. We get that, but Qantas is one of the last remaining full-service carriers. That means you’re getting fed (you can order via their app), you get drinks, and you’ll have an in-flight entertainment system (1,000 + hours of movies).

You even get to recline. On an “ergonoic slimline” seat with built-in lumbar support, no less. Sure, it’s tough to say exactly what that means but anyone who flew on the now-defunct WOW Air knows that “ergonomic” wasn’t in their repertoire.

This is a good deal with a high value and those are the best kinds of deals when it comes to travel. Book that flight.