People Are Grossing Themselves Out By Eating Rachel’s Trifle From ‘Friends’

The Thanksgiving episodes of Friends are the best in the series, and we all know it. They not only give the entire ensemble room to highlight their comedic prowess, they resonate with viewers who have grown up trying to deal with their own complicated families, social circles, and feasts. Plus, some people even attribute the popularity of Friendsgiving to these holiday installments (like people weren’t having holiday meals with their friends prior to the mid-90s.).

Among the ten quality Thanksgiving episodes are a lot of solid moments. Joey and Monica each with a turkey on their heads. The Geller Cup. Brad Pitt and the “I Hate Rachel Green” Club. But, the best episode is the one that culminates in a series of confessions. Ross smoked pot. Phoebe loves Jacques Cousteau. And, Rachel wasn’t supposed to put beef in her trifle.

Ah, the trifle. Despite Ross proclaiming the blend of a traditional English trifle and a shepherd’s pie tasted like feet, Joey was down with it. Perhaps, it is this difference of opinion that has led the dwellers of the interwebs to decide they need to try it for themselves. And, who better to lead the charge than YouTube’s own Binging with Babish.

Weekly, host Andrew Rea recreates iconic dishes from film and television. Can anyone resist the lure of both pop culture and solid grub? This week, the food is the famed Rachel Green trifle, and the host doesn’t just bust out a can of Reddi-wip and pudding. He literally makes the custard and beefy filling from scratch, layering them with fresh raspberries, ladyfingers, and bananas. It lacks the whipped cream of Rachel’s dish but looks fucking gorgeous. Unfortunately, it tastes appalling.

“Does it taste like feet? No. But, it tastes like ground beef, custard, and bananas, so it’s absolutely disgusting,” the host declares emphatically, after spitting his lone attempt at a bite into the trash.

Later, the host revises the recipe to make an edible version of the dish, but even with cornbread in place of ladyfingers and bechamel in place of custard, it still looks fairly pukey.

Despite the general understanding that the dish was cursed from the moment it was penned by a writer, Rea isn’t alone in thinking he needs to recreate the dish. Twitter is alive with custardy, fruity meat.

Viva la Rachel’s Trifle! Or, you know… not.

And, the unfortunate staffers at 103.1 Fresh Radio in London, Ontario had to deal with tasting the famed dessert when co-worker Liz the Afternoon Drive Show host decided to make the trifle exactly like Rachel and force them to chow down on it. None of them said, “What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good! Meat? Gooooooood.”