You Can Finally Have That Ranch Dressing Fountain You’ve Always Dreamed Of

03.14.17 2 years ago

Shutterstock/Hidden Valley/UPROXX

There’s something truly special about Ranch dressing. It’s perfectly suited to be used on salad and equally equipped to be used as a dipping sauce for pizza crusts. It’s a truly American invention. Consisting of buttermilk, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and various herbs, Ranch first burst onto the scene (and American plates) in the 1950s. There’s also no better-selling salad dressing in the US and it even has its own holiday (National Ranch Dressing Day was just celebrated on March 10th).

To mark this most important American holiday, the folks at Hidden Valley (the inventors of Ranch dressing) decided to collaborate with Flavour Gallery to create a line of products perfect for the Ranch-Head in your life. Among the myriad interesting items, you can purchase a jewel-encrusted bottle of Ranch, a Ranch tote bag, a Hidden Valley hat, various shirts, and even a bottle koozie.

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