These ‘Real’ Ghost Stories Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

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11.22.15 5 Comments


Nights are getting longer, shadows growing taller, and there is a biting chill in the air. Halloween has come and gone but the chill of late fall lends itself just as easily to tales of spirits and demons. Most of the stories are half-baked… but every once in awhile a friend shares something that seems too bizarre to be invented whole cloth. These are the tales that cause a shiver to travel down the spine.

Some of the scariest stories have at least a kernel of truth — unexplained occurrences, brutal deaths, and undeniable terror. It’s enough to give even the skeptics pause.

As we go through the list of supposedly “true” tales, you might be tempted to remind yourself that ghosts aren’t real. Share your own favorite ghost stories in the comments below.

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