A Reality TV Star Claims He And His Girlfriend Were Stripped Naked And Almost Eaten By Cannibals

A British reality TV star claims he and his American girlfriend were captured by cannibals while on vacation in Papua New Guinea.

Matthew Iovane and Michelle Clemens were walking through the jungle on Monday when they were attacked by “natives with machetes.” The couple was tied up, stripped naked and beaten, with special attention paid to Clemens, who “was repeatedly attacked and had her fingers sliced open” while Iovane looked on. The only words they understood from the cannibals: “Kill you.”

The Shipwrecked contestant told the Sun:

“We’d joked about the famous cannibals of Papua New Guinea’s jungle but it was no laughing matter when these men came out of the bush. They looked very scary in native costumes and what looked like warpaint and came closer before circling around us.

Iovane continued, “They tore up my T-shirt to blindfold me and the awful thought crossed my mind that we could be on the menu. They were totally feral and we were at their mercy. I thought we’d vanish into the jungle and never be seen again.” (Via the Sun)

The couple claim they hired a native to help them navigate, but he “peeled off before the final day.” Iovane is convinced he betrayed them.

“We were about an hour into the walk when a tribesman appeared ahead of us and another behind us,” he said. “Our first reaction was to try to calm them and we even thought it must be some kind of a prank, but we realized very quickly that we were in a very serious situation.”

They escaped as “they were being marched along a ridge back towards the trail,” and eventually found a man there who alerted the authorities, though not before they ran into a pack of wild dogs and patch of poison ivy.

Now, as with all things British tabloids and reality TV show stars, you should take this amazing tale with a grain of salt (which is probably why the cannibals let Iovane and Clemens go; humans taste terrible without salt). Especially when Clemens claims her captors recognized her iPhone (“I swear I heard one of them say what sounded (like) the word ‘password,’ which might have been funny if I hadn’t thought I was about to die.”) Either way, some network executive has an idea for their next reality show: Please Marry My Cannibal.

(Via the Sun)