Recreational Weed Is Legal In Canada So Now We All Want To Move There

Getty Image/Uproxx

Raise that freshly packed bowl in a toast — today, October 17th — marks the day that Canada has become the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana. It will be the largest public policy shift that The Great White North has seen in decades. The party officially began early Wednesday, and by early we mean immediately at 12 a.m. on the most eastern portion of the country, in Newfoundland. As of now, fresh and dried marijuana flowers, pre-rolled joints, and cannabis oil are all on the menu to be sold recreationally.

The Canadian government will be introducing legislation to address citizens who have been convicted in the past of possession, and many other legal questions are sure to be raised in the coming months. The eyes of the world are now on Canada, we could be witnessing the first domino to drop in a public policy experiment that will — regardless of how you view weed — change the world as we know it. We also wonder what this means for those from legalized states in America. Will we be able to now bring weed on a plane flying from Los Angeles to Ontario?!

Pack your bags, we’re going to Canada and who knows, we may never come back! Here is how Canadians and the internet-at-large reacted to the news. It’s a mix of bad jokes and thoughtful takeaways. Some of the jokes are just painful, proving that marijuana doesn’t make you funnier.

This being the internet it wasn’t all a celebration, a few voiced their disappointment in Canada and those people consequently won’t be invited over for a smoke session. Ever.

Good luck up there you stoney Canucks. Enjoy having the boatloads of tax income so that you can do zany things like pay teachers and offer medical care to dying people.