Here Are The Boneheaded Moves That Will Surely Get You Fired


There comes a point in every adult’s life where they will wonder how they possibly got their job. Whether it is a massive screw up or an irritating flub, you’re bound to feel the creeping approach of failure every once in a while. Even if you work hard, you’re bound to have a terrible day every once in a while. Well, the latest Ask Reddit is here to make you feel a whole lot better about your work performance. Managers from all types of businesses weighed on on what employees did to get fired, and if you ever needed another reason to believe that people are awful, just read this thread.

User lestermason let everyone know that, yes, people are still jerks during the holidays.

Every year during the holiday season, I’d warn the new hires, “listen, no matter how tempting it is, don’t steal a customer’s gift card. We can track it, I will track it and if I catch you, you will get fired. Every year people try it, every year people get fired. Don’t do it.” They do it anyway.

Unfortunately, as beeps-and-boops pointed out, sometimes people take their family down with them.

Girl decides to start stealing some of our products from the warehouse and sell them on eBay… as brand-new, with factory warranty. It only took a couple of weeks before we started getting calls for tech support for products with serial numbers we did not have registered as “sold” in the system. Brief investigation leads straight to her.

She is fired (of course), and legal action pursued, but the sad angle to the story is that her father worked there too, and we were forced to make him stay at home with no pay until it could be determined beyond any doubt that he wasn’t involved.

Listen, Taco Bell is delicious, delicious poison, but it certainly isn’t worth risking your job over like pratorian‘s assistant manager.

I had an assistant manager who would short the till every single day $3.64, it was always the same amount and we could never prove it was him… even though it clearly lined up with only his shifts. Day or night. Until one day he came back from lunch at Taco Bell in our parking lot, and my other assistant saw his lunch and thought to herself “that looks good!” And walked across the street on her break and ordered the same thing. Her total? $3.64! She immediately came back and told me, I pulled all the drawers and sure enough one was short that exact amount!

The kicker… when he was sat down by our DM to be terminated all they told him was “we know what you’ve been stealing!” And his response was “oh! You finally figured out I was stealing all those Skechers Shape-Ups?!”(for those that don’t remember… those shoes were $130 a pair!).

If you work somewhere long enough, you will see the full house of employee bad behavior, as StefwithanF explains.

2 employees hooked up on camera, then tried to delete the footage
Employee brought a gun to work & kept it in his work area
Assistant mgr watched porn on a work computer, crashed the whole property system
Bartender walked a “barfly” out to her car; stayed for half an hour to get “serviced”
2 employees stole food from freezer, had cookout & invited staff, including an asst mgr

Sometimes, people aren’t malicious with their behavior, they’re just plain stupid. Hopefully this employee of angels_fan learned her lesson this time around.

Had a girl that would lick the ice cream off of the side of the shake.
Not because she was vindictive, she honestly didn’t even register that it wasn’t okay to do that. She was shocked.

Sometimes it is a simple case of people not treating their coworkers the way they would like to be treated. In the future, racord360 encourages people to use their words, not violence, to settle a dispute.

I had an employee lock another employee in a closet one time. The person that was trapped called the police from inside the closet. It was quite an HR nightmare.

Listen, get through life however you can, but getting high on a computer duster is no way to go through life according to aaronsweber (and everyone else with half a brain left.)

Not me, but a friend of mine had to fire a sales clerk because she stole computer duster from the office and left the sales floor during her shift to hide in the supply closet and get high with it.

Don’t do inhalants, kids.

In real life, throwing a tantrum about your sandwich isn’t a b-plot on a sitcom, it gets you fired. Something tells me that kt20871936 and the rest of their coworkers did not miss this tightly-wound bagel fiend.

Boss had to fire a lady in our office because she lost her “marbles” when someone ate her bagel from the fridge. She literally had a tantrum, like a toddler. Also, the girl who ate it, ate it by mistake. She thought it was a bagel from the office breakfast we had earlier that same morning (it was in the same packaging as the office stuff). Now, I absolutely hate it when people eat my lunch, but the girl who ate the bagel profusely apologized. Even stated she would go and buy her a new one right on the spot. But tantrum lady couldn’t let it go. So, that ended up being her last night.

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