Redditors Wax Nostalgic About Life Before The Internet (Which Apparently Existed)

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It’s hard to believe, but there once was life before the Internet. It was a simpler age where you found out that your dad was into pegging via walking in on him with mom rather than just being startled by an uncleared search history. Simpler days, indeed.

A gaggle of Redditors were in the mood today to wax nostalgic about the little joys/inconveniences/quirks that were commonplace before The Internet™ got its tentacles around everything. Launched with a simple “what do you miss about life before the Internet?” by thread starter UltraCyborgWarrior69, the responses came with speed and gusto. As a public service, we’ve wrangled some of the more popular bits of reminiscing below.

Going through life without worrying about somebody taking a video of you and positing it for everybody to see.

There was a lot lessFOMO (fear of missing out)
Nowadays you see going places and having fun all publicly shown out to the world, and you’re just thinking damn, I wish I was out having fun and there’s that horrible empty feeling inside of you. Whereas before, you’d be just as content with yourself regardless of whether you went to that party or whatever. The mere knowledge that you weren’t there creates this extra space filled with despair that makes you feel kinda sh*t

Τhe feeling of being unreachable. Εspecially as a kid, I would go off on adventures wіth my friends and I didn’t have а tracking device basically attached tо me.

There was always a moment of hope and optimism when the mailman arrived. Perhaps it would be a letter from an old friend. A package of photographs. An old lover reaching out to you. A missive from a family member on some great adventure.
I can’t remember the last time I gave a damn when I hear the mail slot open. If i ordered something on Amazon, perhaps. That’s not the same.

Mind you, here’s the most important one.

Being completely exhausted of ideas before succumbing to phoning the Nintendo hotline….

The nostalgic should take a gander and anyone born after 1995 should just shake their head in pure bafflement.

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