Richard Branson Is Collecting Sperm From Dyslexics For A Very Good Cause


Sometimes, genius is misunderstood, so it’s understandable if you (like some of us here at UPROXX) are scratching your head at the headline above. Why would Richard Bransonbe collecting sperm, you may be asking yourself, and then is this an elaborate April Fool’s Hoax? We don’t have the answer to the second question (and if this does turn out to be a hoax, consider our butts covered with this caveat), but we do know why Branson is collecting the seed spilled from the laps of prominent dyslexics.

He’s opening a sperm bank. And not just any sperm bank, but one where people who live with the disorder — which Branson has himself — are finally able to freeze their genetic material — since mainstream sperm banks often won’t take it. To be clear: only people who are dyslexic will be allowed to donate.

From Branson’s blog:

Up until very recently some sperm banks have rejected donors that have dyslexia. To me, this is absurd when you think that some of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic. Rather than being seen as a weakness, dyslexia should be seen as a strength.

As I know from first-hand experience, school can be tough if you don’t get the right help. But I think it’s important to not let it hold you back. Dyslexia has been a massive help for me personally; it makes me think creatively and laterally, two major factors that helped me create Virgin and build a global brand.

Branson goes on to explain that dyslexia isn’t a disadvantage. Instead, he says, “it’s a different way of thinking” and he’s hoping that his “dyslexics only” sperm bank will help bring awareness to how important people who are diagnosed with the disorder are and how necessary they are to the continued advancement of our society.

More details will be available soon.