This Brewery Hopes To Drown Richard Spencer’s Hate Speech With Beer [UPDATED]

The realization that racism still runs rampant in our society is very sobering, and Alligator Brewing Co. is about to make sure that never changes.

As if he were a hurricane, Florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida. Florida Governer Rick Scott saw what happened in Charlottesville, Va. earlier in the year and is not willing to risk a recurrence, thus, the state is beefing up security, costing them a ton of money.

In an attempt to refuse the nationalists an audience, Alligator Brewing Co. has issued an ingenious perk for ditching the speech and trading in your ticket: free beer. The company issued the statement above on Instagram Thursday.

After catching wind of the brewery’s attempt at thwarting the speech that the University of Florida initially declined, Spencer and his gang changed the ticketing procedure to prevent people from getting passes before the actual day of the speech, but the company’s zeal has not been dampened.

Although the university is being forced to host Spencer and his gang, university President Ken Fuchs issued a statement on YouTube to discourage people from coming to the event, saying, “The values of our university are not shared by Mr. Spencer, the National Policy Institute, or his followers.”

Whatever your beliefs and no matter how many people do or do not show up, free beer sounds way doper than any speech and the Alligator Brewery Co. is sure to be packed all day Thursday.


According the Alligator Brewing Co.’s social media, Richard Spencer’s campaign organizer Cameron Padgett showed up to Tall Paul’s Brew House in which Alligator Brewing Company is located and attempted to trade three tickets for free beer but the brewery staff could not verify the legitimacy of the tickets as they have not yet been released. Padgett then went live on Twitter, became aggressive, and started fabricating slurs the staff allegedly used toward him.

This comes after what seems like a slew of tweets planning to embarrass or otherwise defame the brewery and the University of Florida.

The brewery is cautioning everyone to stay safe and continue to counter all aggression with non-violence, using the hashtag #lesshatemorebeer.

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Please stay safe #lesshatemorebeer

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