‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Have Stiff Compeition If They Want To Win This Auction For A Jug Of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

08.08.17 7 months ago

Ebay / Adult Swim

The hunt for McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce has been one of the more interesting tales of this summer thanks to Rick And Morty. The surprise premiere back on April 1st revolved around the sauce and sent people who love the show into a frenzy to find it, petition McDonald’s to bring it back, and even create their own. With the live-action Mulan remake on the way, folks were also hoping hard that this new momentum would force the fast food giant to bring back the sauce for a limited run.

None of that has come to pass yet, but folks have found their own substitutes to hold them over. The only folks who have a chance to enjoy the sauce 20 years after it made its short-lived debut are Justin Roiland and his comrades behind Rick And Morty and a select group of fans who now have control over the only four jugs on the planet according to Business Insider. There’s definitely some hyperbole there given this is just a McDonald’s sauce, but it is fun to think of these jugs like Infinity Gems and Dan Harmon will just be traveling around to collect them all.

One of these lucky fans has decided he wants to get it out to the world and make a little cash in the process — both for himself and for charity. The decision has earned a few critics, but Robert Workman has done his best to make sure this auction is being handled with the best of intentions. As it stands, the eBay listing stands at $5,500 and Workman has promised at least 20% is going to charities including Extra Life, AbleGamers, and possible third depending the final total.

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