These Stunning Photos Will Make You Want To Go To The RiSE Festival Next Year

You’re probably looking at these images and telling yourself, “Self, you blew it.” You’re wishing you were out there in the desert with your lanterns and your friends, both old and new. “Self, next year, we’re going out to the Mojave for RiSE Festival.”

So, you text some friends. “Next year, let’s meet in the desert, drink some wine, perhaps responsibly dip our toes in some extracurricular party favors, listen to whatever band is setting the mood, doodle on a lantern, and send that thing skyward alongside thousands of other festival-goers.”

Focused around sustainability and togetherness, the festival has ambitions as lofty as the lanterns themselves. From the website:

RiSE Festival is a celebration of the life, joys, dreams, hopes, and blessing of each participant. Those are all unique, but something we all share is a love for the planet. That’s why it’s our responsibility to leave no trace—and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

RiSE Festival has a “Leave No Trace” policy. We’re able to retrieve 100% of the lanterns, and because each lantern is 100% biodegradable, sustainability is something we achieve with every event.

This years festival in Mojave has come and gone — and a previously planned Phoenix event has been postponed until 2016. We’re left sitting on our hands, lanternless. Let these photos get you stoked for next year. You’ve got 300+ days to figure out what you’re going to write on your lantern at the next go-round.