Rob Corrdry Tells Us Where To Get His Favorite Sandwich Ever, While Also Preaching The Gospel Of Cubed Pickles

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If you like TV or movies (especially funny ones), you definitely know Rob Corddry’s work. He was a long-time Daily Show correspondent, the star (and co-creator) of Children’s Hospital, and has acted in films like Hot Tub Time Machine and the freshly released rom-com Dog Days. He’s also set to return alongside Dwayne Johnson for the fourth season of Ballers, which premieres on HBO this Sunday at 10 PM.

You know him. You probably even enjoy him, considering that you clicked on this article. But do you know his thoughts on egg creams and cubed foods? Not until now.

We spoke with Corddry a couple of weeks ago to learn a little bit about the food that thrills him and the restaurants that make him nostalgic for his days growing up in the Boston suburbs. Along the way, we learned a little bit about the sandwich place that he can’t get out of his mind, his strong opinions on Miami, and the culinary tradition he’s trying to kickstart with his family.


What’s your history with Boston?

Born and raised. About 15 minutes south of Boston in Weymouth, Massachusets. Lived there until I was like 18 or 19, and I went to college and I just kinda stayed at college during the summer. And I haven’t been back in a while, I love going back there to work. If I have a job there, it’s awesome. Also have some family there. But I don’t really get back that often. Last time I was back was for a funeral.

Not exactly a festive occasion.

[Laughs] It was a hilarious funeral.

Oh, well that’s good, at least. Any memories of your first date?

Yeah! Okay, first date, I didn’t even think I could drive yet, so my parents had to drive me. And I cannot even tell you who the girl was. Who was it?

She’s gonna read this and be so upset and offended.

[Laughs] I doubt it. She probably wouldn’t remember either. But it was at the Ground Round.

Oh wow, alright.

No, no. Oh, I’m sorry it wasn’t the Ground Round, it’s even better. It’s in the space where the Ground Round used to be. It’s called the Magic Pan. I’m sure it’s not around anymore, it was in the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, and it specialized in crepes. I had a chicken alfredo crepe.

That’s daring. A crepe place on a first date. Were you trying to pull off that Euro-cool vibe?

Yeah, in a way. To me, the Magic Pan was one of the small handful of restaurants that I knew of at, whatever, 15 that I considered top-notch. And, no offense to the former owner of the Magic Pan, but it wasn’t that top-notch. It was a restaurant in a mall.

You mention Ground Round, and that brings back memories. I lived in Connecticut for a little while, and had a great familiarity with them, they’re very few and far between now. They still exist, but it’s super sparse.

They’re sad now because they used to be a really rowdy place. We used to love going as kids because you could throw your peanut shells on the floor, and I didn’t even like peanuts, I just ate them so I could throw the shells on the floor. They also showed Three Stooges movies.

Can you even imagine the legal issues they would have now if they still did the peanut thing now with allergies?

Oh my god! If you had a peanut allergy you couldn’t even drive into the parking lot.

There’s a divide though. I don’t remember the peanut thing. My parents, one of their first dates was at a Ground Round and they said the same thing about the peanuts, and I remember it only as popcorn.

I’m older than you. It was really my early childhood. Then they rebranded the whole entire thing.

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