The Terms Of Rob Lowe’s McDonald’s Gold Card Will Make You Want Your Own

Did you know that McDonald’s makes gold cards entitling people (read: celebrities) to a year of free food? I didn’t, and now I’m insanely jealous of Rob Lowe, who’s not only universally beloved, but can enjoy a McFlurry and a Happy Meal for free any time he wants (until next October).

Lowe showed off his card—in the nicest way possible because he’s just that type of guy—on Jimmy Kimmel Live and explained exactly how he got such an exclusive pass to the world of unlimited french fries. It turns out that Lowe knows the guy who invented both the Egg McMuffin and Ronald McDonald (because: of course he does), and that gives him an in at the golden arches. Do we need any more proof that this guy’s living his best life?

Check out Lowe’s thoughts on the fast food chain’s mascot and his fears about using the gold card in the video above. One major question: Does the food all have to be for him or can he bring friends, too? The public deserves the right to know!

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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