Rob Riggle Is The New Football-Crazed Colonel Sanders For KFC

Whether you believe that Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan, or George Hamilton inhabited the role of Colonel Sanders the best (we vote Norm MacDonald), you’ve gotta hand it to KFC for consistently bringing in funnymen from widely differing backgrounds as part of their current (and seemingly never-ending) ad campaign. It doesn’t come close to absolving them from unleashing the atrocities that are the Extra Crispy Sunscreen and Double Down Dog upon this earth, but maybe in time we’ll be able to forgive them.

Moving on, company unveiled their latest Colonel Sanders impersonator earlier today, and it’s arguably their biggest star yet: Rob Riggle.

Fresh off an appearance at the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, Riggle stars in KFC’s latest string of ads as a football obsessed version of Harland Sanders who, in order to legitimize his claim as the owner of the greatest fried chicken recipe known to man, has purchased a professional football team known as the “Kentucky Buckets.” The fact that he would bestow a name clearly more suited for a basketball team on a football team is part of the quirky vibe of a brand who turned fast food into not only a nail polish, but a sunscreen.

While it’s unclear how long Riggle will last in the Colonel’s shoes, KFC marketing chief Kevin Hochman has previously stated that “We always thought that having one actor playing him wouldn’t really do him justice.” Can we vote on which comic comes next then?

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