Carolina Panthers Safety Roman Harper Will Let A Lucky Fan Watch Super Bowl 50 At His Home

Life & Culture Editor
02.03.16 2 Comments

USA TODAY Sports / Air BNB

It’s time to resign yourself to the sad truth that you won’t be getting into the Super Bowl this year. Tickets are now so expensive that you’d have to sell both a child and a kidney to watch from the nosebleed section. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! You could still celebrate in style by renting Roman Harper’s house on Airbnb and watching the game on his couch while he plays in San Francisco. He’ll be staying at an Airbnb there, too (hopefully one that’s a little less creepy than this).

How much does it cost to rent Harper’s house for one night? $5,000. But that money’s all going to charity (and getting matched by Airbnb). Plus if you and a friend split the cost, is it really that expensive?

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