Carolina Panthers Safety Roman Harper Will Let A Lucky Fan Watch Super Bowl 50 At His Home

It’s time to resign yourself to the sad truth that you won’t be getting into the Super Bowl this year. Tickets are now so expensive that you’d have to sell both a child and a kidney to watch from the nosebleed section. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! You could still celebrate in style by renting Roman Harper’s house on Airbnb and watching the game on his couch while he plays in San Francisco. He’ll be staying at an Airbnb there, too (hopefully one that’s a little less creepy than this).

How much does it cost to rent Harper’s house for one night? $5,000. But that money’s all going to charity (and getting matched by Airbnb). Plus if you and a friend split the cost, is it really that expensive?

Here’s everything you get:

This is a football fantasy come true – right in the heart of uptown Charlotte!

This year, for one night only, I’m putting my place up on Airbnb while I head to San Francisco to play the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50. In celebration and for those fans who are not able to attend the big game, my family and I are offering the chance for a lucky guest to spend the night! For those who book, we will donate all proceeds to Harper’s Hope 41 Foundation (501c3) that helps enable us to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges, and Airbnb will match the proceeds.

On Sunday, February 7, a super fan and their super guest will be able to feel right at home in my living room while I play in this year’s main event. Kick back on my sofa while watching Super Bowl 50 on our 70 inch TV. Upon arrival, feel free to check out our outdoor junior Olympic pool with an expansive deck and deluxe courtyard, or our 4,000 s.f. spa-inspired health club with yoga room and complimentary fitness classes. As evening approaches, prepare your football finest and take advantage of the kitchen — it’s where I (and my mom) spend most of the time preparing for big games!

Oh, and did I mention, I will throw in a signed football, too.

That’s it? For $5,000? Nah, check it:

You and your guest will also be able to experience our home’s amenities which include:
24-hour Concierge staff providing excellent resident service
Multi-purpose basketball and tennis court
Elegant 50th Floor SKY Lounge
8th Floor Cyber Bar
Billiards lounge and café with demonstration kitchen
Private HDTV screening room with surround-sound

We don’t know what any of those words mean, but all of this sure sounds expensive. A SKY lounge on the 50th floor? A Cyber Bar on the eighth? What is this, a James Bond villain’s hideout?

The place does look pretty classy:

There are, of course, some rules: No pets (“broncos especially”), no smoking, and absolutely no football practice indoors. You also can’t wear cleats or have parties, but just like staying in the Netflix and Chill room, an igloo, or a college dorm, you’ll end up with a pretty awesome story. In this case, you’ll probably still get a solid night of sleep, too.

Just, you know, maybe don’t bring bags of Cheetos with you. There’s a lot of white going on in the color scheme: